Clubhouse Chronicles

I have been on Clubhouse since January, sent an invite by my good friend Amanda Frolich and she was right, it is the next big thing! I was a bit unsure at first, but as I worked my way around and jumped in and out of rooms, I began to listen to amazingly inspiring people and learn so much! As I grew in confidence about being in the audience and waving my hand to ask a question on ‘stage’, the more I thought I wish there were more Early Years clubs and rooms! So I started one! Every Wednesday I hope to be joined on stage by the audience to have a discussion and to provide insight, inspiration and information for everyone working in the Early Years Sector. The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Q&A is the title of the room, with a different focus each week. My aim is to write a short ‘latest news’ with all the links on and a bit about what we debated. We talked about the draft EYFS, see below for links and a fragment of what we chatted about. Join in, the stage is yours.

If you are in England UK, we have Draft EYFS  ready for a September 2021. The EYFS sets the standards for EYFS providers for learning, development and care for babies and children aged 0-5 years. It’s the legal basis for this, we are inspected by Ofsted against the EYFS and in line with the Ofted Education Inspection Framework.  Development Matters – the non- statutory guidance helps us to deliver the EYFS areas of learning, reminds us of our responsibilities to assess and states the safeguarding and welfare requirements.

The EYFS is divided up into 3 sections, the learning and development, assessment and safeguarding and welfare.

The red writing is where we need to focus our attention and here

Draft version – statutory instruments 2021 No. CHILDREN AND YOUNG PERSONS, ENGLAND The Early Years Foundation Stage (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2021

is what we need to feedback about and by 18th March,  Please send your comments to

The majority of the changes to the ELG’s in section 1 have already been agreed. The reception bassline assessment (RBA) agreed and now in Section 2 and slight amendments to section 3 with updated links and added a bit about Oral Health.

The government are not seeking changes to the ELG’s, or the RBA these have already been (and I’ll use this word loosely)  ‘agreed’. The RBA was subject to a separate consultation process.

You can find out more here –

Early Years Foundation Stage Reforms Government consultation response July 2020

The EYFS will be published as a final version for a start date of 1st September 2021.

If you are interested in the legislation you can find out more here

The Early Years Foundation Stage (Learning and Development Requirements) Order 2007

We had a great chat in the room this week, here’s what we learnt.

There is a link to the NEW Development Matters on page 6, this guidance is non- statutory. Presuming there will be another link to Birth to Five Matters when the final version is out ….

The RBA is a contentious issue – follow this link for more information More than a Score

Don’t forget to update your policy with any new numbers from your Local Safeguarding Partnership.

Given our lives are now mainly online, it is good to see the link to a document that has been out for some time (I have training on this) so that we safeguard children and practitioners online Safeguarding children and protecting professionals in early years settings: online safety considerations – add this to your policy on safeguarding or have a sperate one –  title  ‘Acceptable Use’. More info on this in my training.

A reminder that in the EYFS we don’t have to follow Keeping Children Safe in Education, but it is good practice to do so, there is some great info on safer recruitment for example, update your policies.

This is a useful link, review your policy Prescribing over-the-counter medicines in nurseries and schools

Couple of the links in the footnotes don’t work – I have contacted the DfE about this

Updating your menus? There are some important guidance notes here]

Sign up for updates from the Foundation Years Website

We also talked about this NEW document published in December 2020, designed to support everyone with early identification of language delay or disorder. Some helpful ways to support parents too.

This NEW room on Clubhouse will be here every Wednesday at 8 pm UK time for an hour We will have a EYFS Q&A and a related topic to discuss. We aim to have an authentic and respectful conversation so that we can, together build empathy and understanding. All most welcome.

See you there, raise your hand, the stage is yours.