Clubhouse Chronicles – Policy and Procedures

Are you on Clubhouse yet? I have been on it since January and I wish there were more Early Years clubs and rooms! Every Wednesday I am joined on stage by the audience  in the room and club that I have created Early Years (EYFS) Q &A, to have a discussion and to provide insight, inspiration and information for everyone working in the Early Years Sector. The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Q&A has a different focus each week. My aim is to write a short ‘latest news’ with all the links on and a bit about what we debated.

We had a thoughtful discussion on policies and procedures, starting with how we feel about them and how useful they are! I have shared a bit of our discussion here.

Policies are separate from procedures and go alongside visuals and forms to support the information.  They are all linked, so always have a – ‘this policy needs to be read in conjunction with’….They are hardly ever isolated documents.

An important part of your policies and procedures is keeping them succinct, too often I see overwhelming documents, that don’t really help anybody!

Make sure you have all the ‘core policies’, these are the ones linked to the EYFS. For each policy you have ask yourself ‘why’, why are they in place, this will help to frame them.

Link your policies to your ethos and values, this means you are providing a consistent approach and keep them positive! If they are full of don’t do this, do it this way staff find them negative when actually they are supposed to be supportive!

Find a good format and stick to it, an intention at the beginning (your policy) and concise bullet points for your procedure, works well.

Keep them safe on a stick or on the cloud!

Keep updated by signing up to updates from Foundation Years and Ofsted Latest , that way you can update your policies when you receive new information.

Review based on a breach in procedure, find a good way to communicate changes and to let your team know. Maybe a newsletter or team meeting.

Keep staff aware of the policies by referring to one every staff meeting, this way you can iron out any confusion and adapt if needed. Provide a quiz on the policy, these are always fun!

Find a way to get information from parents so that they can contribute to a review.

Use induction to slowly introduce new staff to your policies, don’t overwhelm!

Risk assessments play an important part as we base our procedures on these. I have a risk assessment training and format, so if you would like help with these, do let me know.

For a policy review with me, do get in touch.

This NEW room on Clubhouse will be here every Wednesday at 8 pm UK time for an hour We will have a EYFS Q&A and a related topic to discuss. We aim to have an authentic and respectful conversation so that we can, together build empathy and understanding. All most welcome.

See you there, raise your hand, the stage is yours.


There are some changes to the safeguarding and welfare requirements in the new EYFS for implementation in September 2021, a new requirement to promote the good oral health of children!

This focus could be around talking to children about the effects of eating too many sweet things, the importance of brushing their teeth or just simply about taking care of yourself and knowing your body.

This requirement certainly doesn’t mean that providers of the EYFS must carry out supervised toothbrushing. Don’t worry you will not be required to assess children’s oral health adding ‘dentist’ to the list of jobs that you do! But you must decide how you are going to meet this requirement. One great way to start to do this is to get on board like this setting already has!

Last year they won a national Dental Award, take a look here – Dental Awards 2020.

This year they have challenged themselves even further! They want to highlight the importance of oral health, especially as during Covid-19 lockdowns access to dentists has been restricted. The team from Little Darlings wants to educate people on the importance of oral health and encourage people to take better care of their teeth.

They have also decided to go for a Guinness World Record! Anyone can participate from all over the world! Little Darling Childcare has a challenge on Saturday 20th March, get involved and register using the links on the bottom of any of the pages. You can find out more about Little Darling Childcare via their nursery page See it in action Website,  FaceBook,  Little Darling YouTube channel and Twitter!

Congratulation to Sanjay and his team, I have met him a number of times and have always been inspired by what he does and my very good friend Amanda Frolich has got her team involved too! You can purchase the single ‘Brush your Teeth’ –   your children will love this catchy song featuring Alison Wheeler

If supervised toothbrushing is something you decide to introduce, you should also read the guidance on supervised toothbrushing during coronavirus (COVID-19).

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