External Mentor

It’s that time of year when students are finalising their studies. I am extremely fortunate to be an external mentor for students every year. As part of my reflections on my support I send out a questionnaire. If you have secured a place on the EYTS at the University of Sussex, I am available for September 2021. I will only be able to support 3 students for this school year (2021-2022).

I am starting a Membership Group to support my students and students across England undertaking EYT 2021 – 2022, initially I am supporting with applications via this Mailchimp list.

Early Years Initial Teacher Training (EYITT) – Virtual ‘VIP’ Mentoring and Support

The Membership Group will not replace external or internal mentoring, it will enhance it. It will have lots of training, support, research discussions and networking and so much more! If you are on the Mailchimp list you will be able to benefit from becoming a ‘founding member’ (£45.00 per month for founding members joining before September 2021). Level 1 membership will be £55.00 per month.

Here is some lovely feedback from past students –

Q Did I provide appropriate challenge to enable you to reflect on your practice?

Yes, you inspired us all, and opened up lots of interesting avenues for me to explore, that I am still exploring, and guided me expertly in my ‘learning journey’.

Q Did I provide you with support and / or model practice in planning, teaching, understanding behaviour and assessment? If so what was most helpful in developing your practice?

Yes, the most helpful was your advice and help around managing conflict.

Q Were my observations accurate and did they provide constructive feedback to deepen your pedagogical knowledge?

Yes. My pedagogy has developed beyond my imaginings with your help and support. The general trajectory’s been from a very individualised understanding, to an increasingly relational perspective, and I continue learn and deepen my understanding.

Thank you so much

Sarah ? University of Sussex MA in Early Years Education with EYTS

It’s a honour and a privilege to provide external mentoring and allows me to continue to learn too!