We offer an expert consultancy service for all providers of the EYFS

This full day allows you to develop different aspects of your provision.

Your Consultancy Days is planned for in advance from your Free Consultation. You can choose from any of our pre planned days or you can 'mix and match'. We complete our Action and Development Plan format over the course of the day. You will be left with clear ways forward. Consultancy Days are really beneficial and are part of reflective practice, contribute to your self-evaluation and prepare you for inspection. We critically reflect together to ensure you know what you do well and where you need to focus resources. This enables you to feel in control demonstrating clear leadership and management.

Consultancy Days

Take a look at some of the Pre Planned Consultancy Days that we can provide. Remember you can always mix and match! Our Free Consultation will enable us to plan so that you and your team can get the most of your day.

The Learning Walk
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The Joint Observation
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The SSTEW Code of Conduct
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