We all need support from time to time!

We have a number of social media pages that keep you updated with our advice, consultancy and training. We also have a Mail Chimp termly newsletter for all those working in the EYFS, don't forget to sign up below. Our clients receive ongoing support via our 'Keep in Touch', 'Stay in Touch' Mail Chimp emails. We offer a range of support packages to ensure you have access to ongoing help, advice and assistance. This means you can be confident in any decisions, policy changes and referrals that you may need to make.
UNDERSTANDING YOUR CORONAVIRUS SUPPORT - We offer a range of support at this time, take a look at support packages below and keep checking social media. Zoom calls can be arranged.

Our aim is to work with you to raise the quality of your provision through our support. We are a 'critical friend', giving constructive advice, inspiration and motivation. We work with you through our consultancy and training and encourage you to work with us on your cycle of improvement. We know that settings who reflect on their current strengths and identify next steps make a direct impact on children?s learning experiences. We can provide external supervision; confidential support if you have no available line manager. We offer continued involvement packages. Our support will compliment any involvement you may be receiving from your Local Authority. We won't be working with you in an 'inspectoral capacity', we offer support and challenge within the cycle of your own self evaluation. We provide comprehensive feedback for you to refer to.

We invite you to engage with us via social media. We send our clients regular ' keep in touch' emails and they know they can contact us at any time.

Support Packages

We have a number of packages that you can take advantage of, check back soon!

External Supervision
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Coronavirus Response Confirmation of Employment
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Coronavirus Response Confirmation Key Worker is entitled to education and care
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Understanding Your Coronavirus Response Slides
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Understanding Your Coronavirus Response - Families at Home
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