Free Consultation and NEW Virtual EYFS Support

Firstly we are here to help! Our free consultation allows us to get to know each other. Use the CONTACT form to start the conversation and we can arrange a mutually convenient time to chat. Free consultations can be done via Zoom, over the phone or by email. This allows us both to explore what it is that you need and get the right package of advice, consultancy, training and support for you. Consultancy and Training can be delivered very successfully virtually. Ongoing support, where you can be part of a community of like-minded providers, is available in the NEW group on Facebook. The VIP Membership for Very Important Providers, is a 'rolling subscription and a safe space for asking questions, benefitting from training video's, pre written formats, up to date information and so much more. For one-off support what about the 'Power Hour'!


Our consultancy service is very flexible, we will of course adhere to your current visitor policy are available to come in after closing, during the evening or weekend and of course we can work virtually! Together we identify what's working well and what's working not so well and we develop and build on your Early Years provision and practice. Consultancy days are planned with you in advance and normally start with a brief Learning Walk. This can be a recording you have made so that we can watch it virtually together. All consultancy days provide you with a comprehensive Action and Development Plan to make sure you have clear targets to work on. Our Free Consultation - telephone or virtual, will be able to make sure you get the most from this day. Virtual consultancy is working extremely well and has lots of benefits!

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The continued professionald development of your team has many advantages. Everyone gets to hear the same messages, it can be an opportunity to agree a way forward and the activities are good for team building. We work with you to provide training that meets the needs of you and your team. Training can be delivered after our consultancy days to meet the needs of your provision or as part of your self evaluation. We offer a free consultation to ensure all training is exactly what you need to deepen your practice. Virtual training now available.

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Our support is ongoing, once you have benefitted from our consultancy or training, we keep you regularly updated with our 'Keep in Touch', 'Stay in Touch' emails. You will be the first to know when new information comes through. You can be reassured by emailing for advice at anytime and sometimes a quick call will be all you need to put your mind at rest. We have a number of social media pages that are publicly available to support you if you haven't yet met us! We can support you virtually too.

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